Go Oli Go! / Cartoon Smile (2021)OLI XL

“...Until it breaks apart!” - Two new songs from your friend Oli, Released by Warp Records. More Soon._

DJ+Live(?) 2023     

Jan 06 _ Seoul / Cakeshop
Jan 07 _ Taipei / Pure G @ Final Club
Jan 14 _ Tokyo / WWW Shibuya
Jan 06 _ Kyoto / Metro Club
Feb 24 _ Berlin / Natural Mind x PAN @ Panorama Bar

Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer (2019)OLI XL

“Can you be my ringtone... I Feel liquid Love!”. 386 uncleared samples, twisted and patchworked into fragile emotions (132 songs, 53 video games, 14 movies, 187 misc. found clips). Artwork drawn by Roberto Ronzani. The debut album by Oli XL._

Lily Mix I, II & III (2020)Oli XL

“Winds carry your Voice... Antennas carry mine”. Lily Mix is a series liquid broadcasts by Oli XL, airing on NTS. Returning Soon, Maybe[?]_